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Whoah, things look different, right? Or have you not been here before? Well I decided to give this site some much-needed, drastic upgrades. Of course you can still get to my fantastic creations up above such as sheet music for live ensembles and information on my upcoming game, Courier. I'm rebuilding this site, however, to make it far more useful and be a better outlet for both my creations and thoughts. I'll be covering a few different types of things, but I mostly want to use it as an informational resource for techniques I've learned.

So that means a switch to more of a blog-style layout is in order, but the increased focus on content and teaching should make for something really great! And, as development on Courier wraps up (no, not yet...) I'll give a breakdown of how I built everything in the game. Yes, all of it. I'm really excited about it, but more excited to share it with you! Do me a favor, though, okay? Use that Twitter button below to follow me on Twitter and keep up to date on when this goes live, when new stuff is published, and development tidbits on Courier!

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